Peugeot Mill FAQs

Why use freshly ground spices?

When they’re freshly ground, spices reveal more of their flavor and aromas.
Why is there a different mechanism for each spice?

PEUGEOT mills are distinguished by their mechanisms. As each spice is different PEUGEOT has designed a specific mechanism to get the most from each one.
PEUGEOT mills reveal the most of each spice by conforming to the particular characteristics of that spice. The specialized mechanism assures that the maximum aromas and flavors of the spice are revealed.
How do I get best results from a mill?

For manual mills: turn top of the mill (or handle on coffee mills) in a clockwise direction only. Turning in the opposite direction will draw the spice out of the grinding mechanism.
Electric mills are pre-set to only turn in a clockwise direction, so you simply pressing the button, it will grind properly.
What is the benefit to an electric grinder?

Electric mills are practical and allow you to grind with only one hand, leaving you free to cook at the same time!
Some models have a light that illuminates the area you are grinding to, allowing you to better gauge how much salt or pepper you are adding.
Which pepper should be used in my pepper mill?

Use only dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are less than 5 mm (1/4″) in diameter.
All true peppercorns can be ground in mills
How should Fagara or pink peppercorns be ground?

Pink pepper and Fagara pepper are very soft and release a high volume of oils. The ground pulp of these softer berries, combined with their oils, will tend to stick to the mechanism, causing it to clog, so they should not be ground on their own. However, these berries can be ground if they are blended with black, white or dry green peppercorns.
Which salt should be used?

Use coarse, dry salt that is approximately 4 mm in diameter in the PEUGEOT salt mill. Most commercially-sold coarse salts are of the appropriate size, provided they are dry.
Do not grind damp or grey sea salt in a traditional PEUGEOT salt mill. Damp (wet) salt is much more corrosive than dry salt and will corrode even the best stainless steel, such as that in the PEUGEOT salt mill. Instead, to grind damp salt, PEUGEOT has created a specific mechanism for this purpose.
How to grind damp sea salt

The PEUGEOT wet salt mechanism has been designed for grinding damp sea salt – also known as grey salt (from Guérande, Ré, etc.). It resists salt corrosion through the use of specialized materials.
  Please note: very wet sea salt will not grind as it tends to clump and clot. If the salt is too wet, leave it to air dry for 24-48 hours before refilling the mill.
Fine or coarse grind… is it just a question of taste?

Actually it depends both on personal taste, as well as the dish being prepared.
While personal taste plays a role, some dishes call for coarse salt or pepper, whereas others require either or both to be finely ground.
A finer grind will be used for a delicate sauce or mixed raw vegetables and a coarse grind for a steak or when cooking foie gras.
I’m having trouble adjusting my u’Select mill back to the finest settings

It is likely that there is still some spice (pepper or salt) in the grinding mechanism, which means you’re trying to squeese it down to a finer size.
  Instead, clear the mechanism first by flipping the mill upside down and giving the mechanism a quick turn, or a short press of the button on electric mills. This will clear the chamber, now allowing you to adjust to any grind position.
How long do the batteries last in electric mills?

It all depends on how often the mill is used.
As a general rule, if a grinder is used at home a few seconds a day, the batteries may last several months and even over a year.
A mill that is used more frequently (i.e.: for catering), will need fresh batteries every 2-3 months. For such use, a rechargeable electric grinder may be preferrable.
How to clean a PEUGEOT mill

Regardless of material, use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean your PEUGEOT grinder. Never use any cleansing agent or detergent.
Do not immerse your PEUGEOT mill or place it in the dishwasher, and do not disassemble it, as all these actions will void the mechanism’s lifetime limited warranty.
What can I do if I lose my PEUGEOT product instructions?

All the instructions for our models are available at where they can be accessed and downloaded.
The PEUGEOT Guarantee

Our commitment to quality means we can offer the best guarantees on our products.
Saveurs d’épices

The entire PEUGEOT mill is guaranteed against manufacturing and materials defect for 2 years from the date of purchase, however the grinding mechanism carries a similar guarantee for lifetime.
These guarantees does not cover normal wear, accidental damage or any use not in accordance with the instructions provided.

Saveurs de vins

All PEUGEOT wine accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing and materials defect for 2 years from the date of purchase, with the following exceptions:

- Baltaz corkscrews are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase
- Salma corkscrews and Mathus wine openers are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase.
These guarantees do not cover normal wear, accidental damage or any use not in accordance with the instructions provided.
How do I adjust the grind on my PEUGEOT mill?

u’Select equipped mills

Today’s u’Select mills have 6 pre-set levels of grind for pepper and 6 pre-set levels of grind for salt.
Simply turn the ring at the base of the mill to one of the pre-set positions, or anywhere in between. The further you turn the ring, the finer or coarser the grind, depending on the direction turned.
This system allows for precision grinding, as there is no risk that the grind will change during use. Therefore you get the right grind, according to how you have set the adjustment.
Thumbwheel grind adjustment on electric mills

It is found below the grinding mechanism on electric pepper mills that are not equipped with the u’Select system (such as Zephir, Zeli and Zest).
Turn the thumbwheel control under the mechanism:

- clockwise to obtain a finer grind
- counter-clockwise to obtain a coarser grind
Grind adjustment nut on manual mills

It crowns those manual mills that are not equipped with the u’Select system (such as Paris classic, Fidji classic and Nancy).
To adjust the grind, turn the nut on the top of the mill :

- clockwise (tighten) for a finer grind
- ounter-clockwise (loosen) for a coarser grind
What should be done if a mill isn’t working?

Mills in general

If the mill is empty, fill the reservoir with the appropriate spice.
If the mill has been filled with the wrong spice: empty the reservoir and replace the content with the appropriate spice.
The wet sea salt mechanism

Do not attempt to grind sea salt that is too wet. If it is too wet, then remove it from the mill and leave to air dry for 24-48 hours before filling the grinder.
If the ground salt has stopped coming out, it may be that the damp salt has stuck to the mechanism. If this happens, loosen the top knob and tap the mill to free up the mechanism, then reset and use the grinder.
What should be done if a mill isn’t working? (Electric Mills)

The motor is working but the mill does not grind:

Check that the compartment contains enough of the appropriate spice for the mill.
The motor is not working:

First, replace the batteries and ensure they are install correctly (i.e.: the + pole of each battery is at the + position in its slot). If the mill still does not work, it must be returned to us. Follow the usual after-sales procedure and return the product to us in its original packaging complete with guarantee card that was duly filled in at the time of purchase.
What if the light no longer shines? (certain models only)

Check that the reservoir contacts and the motor unit contacts are clean; clean them with a dry cloth if necessary.
Ensure that the bulb is in place. If it is in place, it may not be making contact so remove and reinsert it.
The light bulb may be missing or has burnt out. If burnt out, remove it by pulling. Replace the missing or burnt out bulb by inserting the spare bulb (provided with the mill at time of purchase) into the slot.

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