Sous-Vide Cooking

SousVide Supreme

Introducing the Sousvide Supreme water oven, the world’s  first home countertop appliance for sous-vide cooking. Sous-vide (pronounced sue-veed) cooking, developed in France,  is a method of slow cooking food under controlled low temperature with heated water using airtight vacuum-sealed bags. Food is gently cooked in its own juices with seasoning that enhances tastes, aromas, and textures not achieved by any traditional cooking method. Benefits include more intense flavors, nicer finished texture, more delicious moisture, better nutrition, healthier cooking style, and much higher success rates for repeatablity of success for recipes. Since sous-vide cooking is so flexible and easy to precisely temperature control, the SousVide Supreme makes it much easier for the inexperienced cook to prepare multiple top quality, delicious and nutritious meals for family and friends. But sous-vide cooking also offers economic benefits including less food shrinkage for more net yield, opportunity to make delicious recipes from less expensive cuts of meats, better portion control from prepping dishes in vacuum bags, and the low cost of operating the Sousvide Supreme. Find out more about the Sousvide Supreme.

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