Eco-Friendly Bamboo Chair Mats

The eco-friendly Anji Mountain Bamboo Office Chair Mats now come in a much larger variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Anji Mountain bamboo is the strongest and most durable bamboo on earth. And finished with seven coats of premium, scuff-resistant polyurethane, a chair mat will provide many years of heavy-duty service in your home or office. The mat will not warp, crack, or splinter and will support office chairs on casters or stationary chairs with floor protectors. The low-friction surface of the chair mat also reduces personal injury and fatigue to the lower back and joints due to repetitive movements while using an office chair. Felt backing adds further comfort and floor protection. For easy portability, the chair mats either roll up or fold up, depending upon the style.

Anji Mountain Chair Mat

Anj Mountain bamboo is harvested in an ecological fashion from mature forests that are at least 5 years old. Bamboo grows 8-12 feet per year, and thanks to the unique Anji Mountain climate, a two-month freeze each year produces a much denser, harder, and more durable bamboo that is ideal for flooring use. The harvested bamboo is carbonized and kiln dried to remove moisture and prevent cracking and warping. The bamboo is machine planed and sanded, then hand sanded, to ensure the smoothest and finest quality finish possible.

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