John Boos Finishes

OILED FINISH – If you wish to use your John Boos butcher block top or countertop as a cutting or chopping surface, this is the only finish to purchase. Just like cutting boards and butcher blocks, the natural wood surface is protected by oil, which is actually absorbed into the wood fibers. It is advisable to re-oil periodically (every 3-4 weeks) your top to preserve its beauty and durability. Use mineral oil, Boos Block Board Cream, John Boos Mystery Oil, Glumber Oil, or Block Bros. All-Natural Block Oil. After heavy use, you may remove cut marks and scratches by sanding the top and re-oiling.

Oiled Finish

VARNIQUE FINISH – This beautiful semi-gloss finish is virtually maintenance free. Varnique is impervious to most household chemicals, and it cleans easily with mild soap and water. The fine furniture look makes it the ideal choice for kitchen island bars and eating counters. Do not use a Varnique-finished countertop or island top as a cutting or chopping surface. Any cut into the finish should be resealed immediately to prevent exposed wood from absorbing moisture. Refinish using EZ-DO Poly Gel.

Varnique Finish
Varnique Finish

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