Enviromate Tandem SteamVac

Introducting the new Enviromate Tandem EV1 SteamVac made by Reliable Corporation. A full-powered steam clean and vacuum in one machine, it tackles almost any surface in and around your home or office. Use its 5-bar pressurized, superheated steam to disslove dirt and grime on contact while killing germs and bacteria to sanitize and deodorize. No chemical or detergent is used making it the eco-friendly and home-safe cleaning alternative. Simultaneously, the Tandem’s vacuum extracts the steam residue to leave the area clean and fresh. The combination of heat, pressurized steam, and powerful suction make the Tandem an exceptional carpet cleaning machine. Steam penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to release and dissolve hidden dirt which is intantly removed with the power of the vacuum. With a huge selection of premium accessory attachments, you’ll find the right tool for your cleaning task using the eco-friendly Enviromate Tandem Steamvac.

Reliable Enviromate Tandem EV1 SteamVac

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