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Cast aluminum address plaque by Whitehall Products

A personalized home address plaque adds a welcoming touch for your visitors, and makes it easier to identify the location. It is a terrific way to personalize your home and add that all-important curb appeal. Many times, an address plaque will be the first impression a visitor gets from your home, so choosing the right marker is important.

In the past, a house plaque might have been cast in bronze or iron or hand engraved in marble or other solid stone. This was an expensive undertaking and not economical for most folks. Today, however, innovative American manufacturers offer affordable address plaques made from alternative materials using advanced production techniques to offer a huge assortment of styles, decorations, and colors.

Most widespread today would be the address plaque made from recycled cast aluminum. As the base material, recycled aluminum is not expensive and easy to cast in the factory, making it an affordable option for the homeowner. An aluminum plaque resists rust and decay and with its powder coat pain finish, you are assured of many years of use without any maintenance other than an occasional cleaning with a water hose or pressure washer. Letters, numbers, decorations, and borders are raised in low relief for an elegant, easy to read look. Usually there is a choice of many color combinations that allows the homeowner to coordinate with the house. Plaque choices also include a large assortment of icons that connect with a lifestyle. For example, the sailor can have a sailboat on a plaque, or the hunter can have flying geese. Plaque personalization is not limited to street and house number, and a name or message may be included if desired. Finally, most standard and estate sized address plaques have mounting options, either wall mount or lawn mount. The price on a standard-sized plaque (about 16 x 9 inches) ranges approximately $78 to $88. As each plaque must be made to order, it usually takes about three weeks to receive your plaque selection. The best brands of recycled cast aluminum home address plaques are Whitehall Products and Montague Metal Products.

Advanced milling machines allow for address plaques to be engraved in solid stone at a reasonable cost. Plaques with rectangle, oval, and arch shapes are available in solid granite. As a natural material, the granite appearance will vary somewhat from plaque to plaque, although the granite is available in choice of assorted colors. House numbers are deeply engraved and painted with a contrasting, weather-resistant color. The granite plaques are designed for wall mounting only. Durability is very good. The price for a granite plaque is about $100, and lead time is about three weeks.

Address plaques also are made from all-natural slate in the rectangle, oval, and arch shapes. There are several choices of slate color, and numbers and borders are deeply engraved with a contrasting, weather-resistant color. They are designed for wall mounting only. Durability is very good. The price for a slate plaque ranges from $75 to $90, and production lead time is about three weeks.

An economical alternative for the home address marker is resin with crushed stone. The crushed stone provides an attractive texture, and the house numbers can be deeply engraved in contrasting color. Durability for a crushed stone plaque is good but maybe not quite as the other materials mentioned in this article. The price for a crushed stone rectangle plaque with engraved numbers will be around $65. Production lead time is about three weeks.

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