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Outdoor furniture made from jatoba Brazilian cherry hardwood

By furnishing your outdoor living spaces with the same care as indoor furniture, you can get much more out of outdoor living.  Even now in early autumn, we can enjoy still many fine days of outdoor living, particularly as heat and insects begin to fade. With classic styles crafted from premium quality hardwood, New River offers outdoor seating, dining groups, and accessories that are both comfortable and durable.

Outdoor Casual Furniture made from Brazilian Cherry
New River uses the hardwood “Brazilian Cherry”, also known as jatoba, which is known for its fine interlocking grain, high density, and weather resistance. Indeed, jatoba is much harder than teak with twice the strength of red oak and shock resistance qualities similar to ash or hickory. It is a very beautiful, reddish brown wood, with a golden luster or glow beneath. The jatoba is harvested from plantations in Brazil certified and approved by the Brazilian Department of Natural Resources (IBAMA). The lumber is hand selected for quality then kiln dried to achieve the correct wood moisture content. Skilled craftsmen then meticulously manufacture the furniture to exact mortise and tenon tolerances, machine and hand sand, and hand finish each piece.

Linseed Oil and Painted Finishes
Each furniture piece is available in an organic linseed oil finish that highlights the wood’s exotic golden luster. Once placed in the sun, the oiled wood will turn an even more deep red color. To extend the life and uniformity of the red color, however, it will be necessary to apply a new coat of high-quality, boiled linseed oil (available at hardware stores) about every three or four months.

If left untreated, over time the red color will fade, and the wood will turn a handsome, silver gray.  This will not effect on the lifetime of your furniture, and if desired, the wood can be returned to its original color by cleaning, sanding, and re-oiling.

Some New River furniture is available in a polyurethane painted finish. As with all wood products that are painted, the wood and finish will weather with exposure to the sun and elements. However, the painted finish is warrantied not to blister, peel, bubble, or discolor for one year after purchase.

More about the Environmental Responsibility
The company recognizes that its business has a direct environmental and economic impact on the world and on its employees.  With companies located both in Brazil and the United States and employees in both countries, New River is sensitive to these global environmental concerns, and it is their commitment to interact positively with the environment, customers and employees. All materials used in the construction of New River Casual Furniture are certified and approved for use by the Brazilian Department of Natural Resources (IBAMA) and/or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). No endangered wood species or environmentally sensitive species are ever used.

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