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The Uwharrie (pronounced you-WAH-ree) region of North Carolina is known for mountains, rivers, deep lakes, wildlife, and natural beauty. The Uwharrie Chair Company has captured the rustic charm of the region in their outdoor furniture with classic American styling, extraordinary comfort, and character. Their heavy, generously scaled products are hand crafted from thick, kiln-dried pressure treated southern yellow pine, an American renewable resource. A distressed finish treatment provides an antique, weathered appearance. With their rugged good looks and solid construction, these chairs and their companion pieces will provide comfort and character for years to come. Those who desire seating to coordinate with existing surroundings may choose the natural chairs, which can be stained, painted, or left to turn dark over time. Those who prefer a splash of color to enliven their environment may choose a selection from Uwharrie Chair’s large color palette. At present, Uwharrie Chair offers over ten outdoor furniture collections, including the Chat group which features cushioned deep seating.

Kiln-dried, pressure-treated southern yellow pine is an ideal material for outdoor furniture. It is structurally very strong with the highest density of all structural lumber varieties for providing superior load-bearing capacity and fastener-holding power. Structural strength plus the larger scale of Uwharrie Chair products ensures extra-sturdy seating and tables.

Among wood species, southern pine is the number one choice when pressure treatment with wood preservatives is required. It has a unique cellular structure that permits a deep, uniform penetration under pressurized force of preservatives. Without this treatment, the wood would be highly susceptible to decay and insect attack. Preservatives used are waterborne, odorless, and colorless. For Uwharrie Chair furniture, this means no additional protection from weather is necessary. It is also the reason it is possible to distress the finish, giving the appearance of time-worn antiques if desired. A further aesthetic benefit of southern yellow pine wood is its distinct grain pattern, a feature that enhances the rustic charm of Uwharrie Chair furniture.

After pressure treatment with preservatives, the lumber is kiln dried to a maximum moisture content of 19%. Drying minimizes the shrinkage associated with green lumber for long-term stability. While over time you may expect to see some paint loss and some surface cracking of your Uwharrie furniture, and exposed wood will eventually turn darker, the wood and your furniture will remain structurally sound for many years of use on your deck or patio, in your garden, or around the pool.

It is important to note that southern pine is an abundant and renewable resource, growing in a vast band from East Texas to Virginia. As a managed resource, southern pine provides environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat, soil stabilization, and improved air and water quality. Young, growing pine forests play an important role in greenhouse gas mitigation by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. Thanks to the abundance of yellow pine, it is also an economical choice of furniture material for Uwharrie Chair.

When you choose Uwharrie Chair outdoor furniture with its classic American styling for your home, you may be assured of its seating comfort with generous proportions, stability, durability, and use of eco-friendly materials.

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