Claber Watering Products

Claber is an Italian company that produces innovative, eco-sustainable products for watering the lawn and garden. Established in the late 1960′s, Claber is one of the largest lawn and garden manufacturers in the world with distribution in over 70 countries. They were the first in their industry to qualify for ISO 9001 certification that recognizes superior quality standards in all areas of operations. From their 180,000 square foot facility in Fiume Veneto (about 60 miles north of Venice), Claber engineers, manufactures, and tests product solutions that optimize watering performance while ensuring maximum water economy. In the United States, Claber products can be grouped into 6 categories: Quick-Click connectors, spray nozzles, sprinklers, hose reels, water timers, and drip irrigation kits.

Quick-Click Connectors

Connect and disconnect quickly and effortlessly a water hose with any faucet or watering accessory (spray nozzle, sprinkler, another hose) by simply pulling down its exterior orange sleeve. Special faucet connectors also allow you to convert a single outdoor faucet into two or four independent outlets. There also is an indoor faucet connector that enables use of any standard water hose inside the house – ideal for filling aquariums, water beds, or watering indoor plants. All connectors are made from durable ABS plastic that is UV stabilized, weatherproof, and shatterproof. Connectors perform with outdoor temperatures up to 140°F and with water temperature from 32° to 120°F. Claber Quick-Click connectors are economically priced ranging from $1.50 to $3.50.

Claber Quick Click Connectors

Spray Nozzles

Claber spray nozzles and spray pistols all connect with Quick-Click connectors. Multiple styles are available that offer adjustable spray patterns needed for plant watering and household cleaning tasks. Nozzles and pistols are constructed from the same durable, UV-stabilized and weatherproof ABS plastic as the connectors. Prices ranges from $7 to $17.

Claber Spray Pistol


A great number of innovations characterize Claber range of sprinklers to satisfy every garden watering requirement. Oscillating sprinklers have a stunning design of the outer housing in weather-resistant, ABS plastic and new turbine motor complete with new non-wear gears, while the rotary sprinklers have special offset jets that create pleasant water games with a light rain effect. Pulsating sprinklers are specifically designed for watering large distance, from 0° to 360° and without any lateral dispersal. Sprinkler prices range from $11 to $45.

Claber Sprinkler

Hose Reels

Claber offers a large range of hose reels with the same high degree of technological design and functionality. From the more compact version, ideal for small and medium-sized gardens and terraces, to the larger models for professional applications. All Claber hose reels are constructed in ABS plastic material as well as in aluminum/stainless steel, weather resistant and UV stabilized. Prices range from $50 to $215.

Claber Hose Reel

Water Timers

A water timer is a valuable household time saver as it lets you irrigate your lawn or garden on a regular schedule during optimal times of the day without having to be there. By calculating and pre-setting the watering time, you do not overwater while conserving a precious resource. As a security benefit during times of absence away from home, use of a water time can also make your home appear to be occupied. Claber water timers are available with a range of features from the very basic to highly flexible and variable. All are easy to operate and are made to last. A single 9-volt battery powers a timer for one season. Prices range from $55 to $130.

Claber Water Timer

Drip Irrigation Kits

With Claber micro-irrigation kits you save time, water and money; drop by drop water goes directly to plant roots in the quantity precisely metered by the electronic water timer. Claber drip kits are ideal for flowers and ground cover, containers, vegetable gardens and trees and shrubs and now with the Oasis Self Watering System you do not have to worry of watering your plants when away from home. Kit prices range from $25 to $100.

Claber Oasis Drip Watering

End of Season Special Offers

When you purchase $40 of Claber products, receive a Claber Pro Spray Pistol at no charge. Or when you purchase $80 of Claber products, receive a Claber IdroSpray 2000 Sprinkler at no charge.

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