Enclume Pot Racks

Enclume Pot Racks made in USA

The creation of pot racks dates back to the 1700′s when chefs in the French Royal Palace sought a more efficient way to store cookpots and cooking utensils. They wanted their kitchen tools in arm’s reach without cluttering their valuable workspace. These chefs in collaboration with artisan blacksmiths created the first pot racks. More than 300 years later, hanging pot racks are still used to add storage, charm, and beauty to kitchens around the world.

For more than 30 years, Enclume has manufactured premier pot racks for both home and commercial use. Located in the Puget Sound region in Port Hadlock, Washington, its group of skilled craftsman manufacture and assemble the finest quality cookware racks in the world. The name Enclume (pronounced “ahn-kloom”) is derived directly from the French word for anvil, connoting the classic design, rugged steel construction, and craftsmanship that goes into each Enclume product. Each pot rack is hand wrought in Port Hadlock, Washington, using traditional French metal-forming techniques equipment that have been refined over centuries of production. After each step of the manufacturing process, product is inspected for quality. Enclume also uses finest quality materials to ensure lifetime service in your busy kitchen.

The primary material for all Enclume pot rack designs is quarter-inch high-carbon steel for strength and durability, which is then available in a variety of finishes. The signature “hammered steel” finish is the most popular and economical that gives the steel surface a rich distressed patina with a pewter-like color. A protective coating keeps maintenance at a minimum. Enclume also has three electroplated finishes over steel frame: copper, brass, and chrome. Each is hand polished to a stunning mirror finish. The copper and brass plates finishes are non-lacquered, and over time they will develop a patina, or they can remain bright with regular polishing using a non-abrasive cleaner. In comparison, solid brass and solid copper frames simply do not have the same strength and durability as the Enclume plated racks. Several pot rack styles also are available in stainless steel with a uniform satin finish. The chrome and stainless steel finishes are relatively low maintenance.

Included with each Enclume pot rack are ceiling screw hooks for mounting (or lag bolts for wall-mounted racks) and a supply of pot hooks. Assembly instructions and a wrench are also included. The grid (unless otherwise noted), additional hooks, hanging chains, and extension hooks are accessories and are sold separately.

Considering the weight of a pot rack and the cookware it will hold, it is important to mount the rack securely. Ceiling pot racks should be mounted from ceiling joists while wall racks should be mounted from wall studs. Mounting racks into brick masonry or metal require special mounting considerations and additional hardware specific for that purpose.

You will find just the right pot rack for busy kitchen from the large selection of timeless classic pot rack designs along with contemporary ones from Enclume. Many styles also are available in different sizes. In this world of mass-produced, value-engineered products imported from Asia, Enclume remains the exception with old-world craftsmanship made in USA and premium materials.

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