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Gaggia Accademia Superautomatic Coffee Machine
Gaggia is one of the great names in espresso machines. In the year 1938, Achilles Gaggia revolutionized coffee with an ingenious machine that forced water under pressure through finely ground coffee and filter to produce the thick, creamy coffee loved by Italians. The mechanical extraction process remains the basis of all quality commercial and home espresso machines. Gaggia home espresso machines have evolved from commercial designs and components.

In recent years, the espresso machine has evolved to a higher level of performance and convenience with the superautomatic coffee machine. At the touch of a single button, a superautomatic grinds enough beans for the serving, doses and tamps the ground coffee, then pumps heated water under pressure (about 15 bar or 220 psi) and dispenses the extracted coffee into the cup. The spent ground coffee is even automatically ejected into an internal holding bin for later removal.

The new Gaggia Accademia is the latest development in superautomatic coffee machines. Created with caffè latte, cappuccino, and macchiato drinkers in mind, this intuitive coffee center comes equipped with an innovative new milk management system. Fully detachable, the Academia’s Cappuccino System features an external milk circuit and sturdy carafe, which may be removed and refrigerated to keep your milk fresh. With a detached milk circuit, milk does not enter the Accademia. You can also choose to froth manually, since the machine has an integrated steam wand/water dispenser. With a ceramic burr grinder, automated user friendly controls, as well as dedicated machine and milk circuit cleaning cycles, the Gaggia Accademia is truly a turnkey espresso center for the busy coffee lover.

Seven fully programmable pre-set buttons let you make your favorite coffee beverages at any time. Beverage preferences also are captured for volume, coffee strength, and milk froth. Pre-infusion of the coffee with hot water before pump activation enhances further flavor and aroma. With two powerful stainless steel boilers, there is no delay between coffee extraction and milk steaming. The machine accommodates any cup or mug 6.5 inches tall, which is more than most other on the market. There also is a grinder bypass doser, which allows you to brew a different pre-ground coffee for your guests (for example, decaf).

It is simple to maintain your Gaggia Accademia, too. The 1.7 liter water tank is removable for easy refill, and its integrated Mavea 4-step water filter prevents scaling and allows you to control mineral content that affects coffee taste. The 350 gram (12oz) bean hopper with airtight cover is accessible from the top. The entire front panel swings open to access the removable brew group (the heart of the machine) for occasional cleaning and spent coffee holding bin (aka dump box).

As a full-featured, highly advanced superautomatic, the Gaggia Accademia should also look good, and indeed it does! Its front panel and drip tray are made from stainless steel with a brushed satin finish that is fingerprint resistant. Chrome accents complete the look.

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