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Jaeger Baseball Throwing and Arm Conditioning Program

Throwing a baseball is a essential skill vital to the success in the sport of baseball. Whether pitcher or position player, throwing demands training like any other ability. A baseball player wants to have a solid, well-conditioned and vigorous arm. Regrettably, a good number baseball players neglect their arms or just take them for granted until it is too late.

Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports has developed a comprehensive baseball arm strength and fitness program designed to build a strong base or foundation in the off-season (fall/winter), and to institute a maintenance plan in season (spring) through arm circles, bands, proper throwing mechanics, and a committed long toss throwing program. Alan Jaeger’s course has been implemented by the Kansas City Royals baseball group, the UCLA Bruins baseball squad, and hundreds of professional and amateur baseball players on a national scale.

The following describes the program. The J-Bands are highly recommended for the workouts. A video DVD also is offered that provides training and examples for the program.

Firstly, warm up using two baseballs in each hand. Make small reverse circles, then increase circle sizes until full. Then drop off until you are back to starting point. After the circles, you will begin the following workouts with your J-Bands. Every drill should be done 15 to 20 times. Do not go quickly. Good quality form is key.

1. Attach J-Bands to both wrists and to fence at waist height. Perform forward butterfly with back to fence.

2. Do reverse butterfly facing fence.

3. Standing with backside to fence and hands vertical, drag hands downward until they stretch out straight forward in front of you.

4. Disengage left wrist. Standing with right side to fence, hold arm at 90° angle with forearm parallel to fence. Pull forearm to your body. Isolate the rotator cuff muscles. You can support your right elbow with other hand. Do not let your right upper arm fly around.

5. Standing with your left side to fence, grasp arm at 90° angle across your stomach. Draw forearm until it is parallel to fence.

6. Connect the J-Bands to fence at shoulder level. Standing with right side to fence, hold elbow up with arm at 90° angle with forearm pointing vertically. Draw forearm down until it is parallel to the ground. You can support your elbow with the other hand.

7. Standing with your left side to fence, hold arm at 90° angle with forearm parallel to ground. Pull forearm up until it is pointing directly up. You can prop up your elbow with the other hand.

8. Attach the J-Bands to fence at ankle level. Stand facing fence in throwing position. Make REVERSE throwing arm circles.

9. Unhook wrist cuff and hold the J-Bands with two first fingers (as you would the ball). Face away from fence and make throwing motion.

Subsequent to using the J-Bands, throw easy 30 to 40 feet for a few minutes. Subsequently spread away from each other at 90 feet for a few throws. Every 5 or 6 throws, stretch apart an additional 10 feet. Continue spreading apart for throwing until you are throwing the ball as far as you can. After throwing as far as you can 5 or 6 times, start moving closer together and throwing the ball as hard as you can but as low as feasible without striking the ground. Every 5 or 6 throws, shift 10 feet closer together until you are about 60 feet away from each other. It is essential to throw as hard as you can in a straight line. 

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