Heartwood Birdhouses

Heartwood Birdhouses

Origin of Heartwood-1992
The roots of Heartwood stretch back to the time 1992 when Lynda and Jerry Glass started a small Saturday craft show company attending local “festival days” across Mississippi. Their unique products were overwhelmingly received. After a few years, nature products were added, and because of demand, became the only objects made. Complete attention was then given to these products and they enjoyed a great deal area success. A local merchant brought in the assortment from Heartwood and suggested its goods could be marketed nationally. Wonderful associates provided further encouragement, and in 1998 Heartwood brought its products to “market” in Atlanta.

The associates were correct; retailers nationally purchased these exceptional products for stores, catalogs, and Internet sales. Thanks to this response, Heartwood-Architecture for the Birds was a reality.

Purpose and architectural detail are not a byproduct of Heartwood’s production process; instead they are the target of an intense and purposeful design strategy. The design must be imaginative and original to capture the imagination. “Cute” sells, but quality of design and material make it last. Though the products are not guaranteed for a life span, they design and build with that objective in mind. Many of our design features and innovations were developed in-house and are not available anywhere else in the world.

Quality derives from practical design, premium material, and experienced craftsmanship. The bulk of our products are made from cypress, the most naturally rot-resistant wood that grows in our country. They utilize only the best furniture grades in their production. The heavyweight, deep swamp cypress is a by-product of material bound for furniture factories worldwide. Large factory operations require boards that are 8 to 16 feet in length. Heartwood obtains the shorter lumber that heretofore had been chipped and burned for heating needs. No trees have to be cut to give Heartwood a plentiful supply of quality raw materials!

This process is essential to thorough utilization of raw materials and eliminates any defects (knots, cracks, etc.) that may exist. They design products to accommodate customary lumber dimensions to eliminate waste and save money.

Procedures used in manufacturing are taken from earlier careers in custom home construction. They utilize only premium zinc-coated fasteners, brass screws, exterior adhesives, and unique methods to beat the weather elements that want to damage your product and shorten its life.

All of Heartwood paints are commercial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex applied with experience and care. Treat them with the same care and maintenance methods as your home. They cut no corners on the final finish.

The 100% cypress shingle roofs are exceptional in aesthetics and longevity. The manufacturing facility has constructed special machinery that cuts a tapered, dog-eared, straited, and stone washed shingle that is unique to Heartwood. No one worldwide produces this shingle. (They do not vend shingles to other companies.) This is a distinctive and crowning accent to Heartwood products. Only Heartwood houses have this world-class shingle!

In addition to the world-class shingles used on many of our products, they make us of 16-ounce copper sheeting for many houses. Again, the design, detail, and execution used give their houses a customized appearance and lifelong durability. These are not “machined,” but refined roofs fabricated with countless years of practice in metal fabrication. Put side by side Heartwood metal to any in the world. It is truly exceptional.

From development through fabrication and finish, Heartwood products intend to be leading-edge technology with “old world” know-how. They build to last, to satisfy, and want your 100% satisfaction.

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