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Seitenbacher is a family-owned manufacturer in Germany of natural and functional foods. The company was founded in the year 1980 and today has over 120 employees. Located in southwest Germany near Heidelberg, the company name Seitenbacher is derived from the name of a nearby stream.

After 27 years of success in Germany (products are carried in 8,000 European stores), Seitenbacher opened a distribution center near Tampa, Florida, in early 2006. Muesli is their top line of 55 all-natural products with 10 varieties, each formulated to meet different nutritional goals including three organics, a gluten-free, senior formula and men´s formula.

Seitenbacher founder Willi Pfannenschwarz is descended from German millers dating back to the 1600´s. As a very young man he started questioning the health results of removing whole grains from our diet and experimenting to make whole grain products delicious and visually appealing. “The worst mistake I ever made was calling this product Muesli,” he laments. “So many people thought our product would be dry and thought, powdery with no pleasure. Ours are filled with the best quality, freshest, fruits, European hazelnuts, all kind of flavorful seeds and nuts. That´s why people love them.”

The company is also well known in Germany for its creative and entertaining radio commercials which are performed by Seitenbacher chief executive, Willi Pfannenschwarz.


The finest European Muesli loaded with the finest hand selected ingredients. Seitenbacher Mueslis have a great taste and are very healthy. Claims: no sweeteners added, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and colors and a good source of fiber. It is preferably eaten with milk or yogurt as a breakfast cereal or office lunch. Line with 8 products: Muesli 1 Fruit & Nuts, Muesli 2 Berries & Almonds, Muesli 3 For Active People, Muesli 4 Men’s Formula, Muesli 5 Choco Max, Muesli 21 100% Organic (loaded with nuts), Muesli 22 100% Organic (loaded with fruits), Muesli 23 100% Organic (loaded with seeds).


Fruity Sunhats are a healthy version of Jelly Fruits and Fruit Gums. The first product had the shape of a hat which symbolizes health and protection against diseases. Today the Seitenbacher sunhats look like animals, fruits, etc. to be attractive to children too. Claims: vegetarian, no gelatin, a good source of fiber, based on real fruit instead of gelatin, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, wheat-free, starch-free and gluten-free. Is it not a good idea to have sweets with healthy functions? The line consists of 12 products: Fruity Sunhats Strawberry, Fruity Sunhats Black Currant, Fruity Sunhats Cherry, Fruity Sunhats Passion-Fruit. Roses For You, Ginger Pandas, Elberry Witches, Honey Carlies, Vampire’s Lunch, Smooth Lions, Cherry Dolphins, Strawberry Alligators.

SEITENBACHER Home-Baking Assortment

Natural Sourdough ready to use, All-Natural Active Dry Yeast and Flour Mix for German Sourdough Bread are three great products for homemade bread. This bread can either be made in a bread machine or in a regular oven. This high quality bread has a homemade taste and is easy to prepare. Each product is sold separately. Therefore, the consumer can use either the ingredients from home or use our pre-packaged products. Seitenbacher Sourdough is a real liquid sourdough and is one of the biggest innovations in homemade bread.


There are many bars on the market, but nothing like Seitenbacher bars. Each bar is divided into two pieces. Fitness Bar, Muesli Bar, Energy Bar, Apple Bar, Apricot Bar and Banana Bar. They are of outstanding quality and made of real fruit. Claims: a good source of fiber, wheat-free, no artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives, cholesterol free, vegetarian, very low sodium.

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