Polish Metal the Easy Way

Cape Cod Metal Polishing ClothsNever before has the cleaning task of polishing metal been so easy! Simply use one the soft cotton cloths from the Cape Cod Polish company that contains just the right amount of polish. Simply wipe away tarnish to reveal the metal’s bright shine while it leaves behind a protective coat of anti-tarnish finish. The cloths work brilliantly on all fine metals including gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze, chrome, pewter, aluminum, and stainless steel. No chemical smell either, just a pleasant vanilla fragrance.

The 4″ x 6″ cotton cloths are sold in a set of two inside a reclosable foil pouch that is delivered to your door for the total price of $5.79. The polishing cloths also are re-usable, which makes them not only very practical but also very economical. Try today, you won’t be disappointed!

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