Meseta Espresso Capsules

Easy and Economical

Meseta Espresso CapsulesMeseta espresso capsules are self-contained single servings of coffee that are inserted into the Espressione Meseta Concerto espresso machine. No grinding, dosing, or tamped is necessary! Simply place a capsule in the machine, pull the lever, and extraction begins. Within seconds, you have a thick, creamy espresso shot thanks to the powerful 20-bar pressure brewing process.

Four varieties of Meseta capsules are available:

  • Espresso – typical Italian blend of 50% Robusta and 50% Arabica coffees
  • 100% Arabica – for full body, aroma, and flavor
  • Intenso – southern Italian style, dark roasted 70% Robusta 30% Arabica
  • Decaf Espress0 – slighty dark roast retains aroma and flavor of classic espresso

  • After pulling a shot, simply dispose of the capsule, which is fully biodegradable. No portafilter or dump box to clean! At about 45 cents per shot, Meseta capsules are much less expensive than espresso capsules by Nespresso and Lavazza.

    The Meseta capsules and the Espressione Mesetta capsule espresso machine will be available this October.

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