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Cook’s Illustrated Product Evaluation

Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board #107In their September/October 2011 issue, Cook’s Illustrated magazine tested nine cutting boards on user friendliness, wear on a chef’s knife, ease of cleanup, and durability. Top rated and the only board to be “highly recommended” was the Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board Model #107. The board received three-star results in all categories. Testers’ comments:

“Roomy, knife-friendly, and exceptionally durable, this teak slab is worth every penny. It resisted warping and cracking, showed only minor scatches, never seemed “thirsty”, and despite its heft, was easy to lift and clean thanks to handholds on each end.”

Proteak cutting boards are constructed from organically grown teak harvested from FSC-certified plantations in Mexico. Using young teak trees harvested to make room for other trees to grow to maturity, the wood features a greater proportion of lighter sapwood to produce beautifully contrasting coloring. With its dense grain, teak is an ideal material for cutting boards.

The Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board Model #107 is available at at for $84.95.

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